Kids Club Early Learning Centre

Kids Club Early Learning Centre is a family owned boutique childcare centre designed to accommodate 38 children. Our small centre gives children a sense of security and replicates that ‘homely’ environment which is helpful when children are starting in care for the first time.


We have 2 rooms dedicated to the care of your child, the babies and toddlers room caters for children aged 6 weeks up to 3 years and our kinder room caters for children from 3-6 years of age.


Each room is set up to accommodate the age appropriate needs and interests of the children.


Our front play yard is where the babies and toddlers play, we have an enclosed yard which incorporates the sand pit and life sized boat for all those ‘journeys on the sea!”


Our rear play yard is where the kinder kids play, they have a full size playground, sand pit and huge sports pitch where they can ride bikes, play games and explore the natural environment.


At Kids Club Early Learning Centre we pride ourselves on working closely with parents and carers and believe that communication is the essential key for success in providing a centre where children feel included and a part of the family.